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Paku Marka Jalan Kaca Siglite (Tempered Glass Road Stud)

Totalquip adalah supplier langsung Siglite (Taiwan). Siglite merupakan merek paku marka jalan kaca yang telah dikembangkan sejak tahun 1990 sehingga tidak heran jika paku marka jalan Siglite terkenal akan kualitasnya yang sangat bagus, bahkan hingga Eropa.



The most durable road stud in the world.
Traditional glass studs reflect vehicles light from all directions and are capable of
visualizing curvy roads. But on straight roads such as highways, expressways,
main avenues in urban areas, it requires a more forward-oriented design for
glass studs.

The new SIG-17T and SIG-D50sT with new “Bi-directional brightness enhanced”
design concentrates their reflection on the forward direction, the reflective bright-
ness is 3 times higher than ‘that’ of traditional glass studs.