Densiometer Spherical Convex/Concave

Alat ini digunakan dalam pengukuran intensitas cahaya di lantai hutan di bawah kanopi. Dengan kalimat lain, digunakan untuk mengetahui jumlah persentase cahaya matahari yang menerobos tajuk-tajuk pohon.

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Convex and Concave Densiometers Help Estimate Forest Canopy Coverage.
These Convex and Concave Spherical Densiometers allow accurate, one-person measurement of tree canopies. Measure forest overstory density from unobstructed sighting positions. Instruments use a spherical-shaped reflector mirror engraved with a crossshaped grid of twenty-four 1⁄4″ squares.

To take readings, hold the instrument level, 12″ to 18″ in front of body and at elbow height. Assume four equi-spaced dots in each square of the grid and systematically count the dots equivalent to quarter-square openings. Multiply the total count by 1.04 to obtain percent of overhead area not occupied by canopy. The difference between this and 100 is an estimation of overstory density in percent.

Units are housed in a 3″H x 3″W x 1″D walnut case with operating instructions permanently affixed to the lid. A leveling bubble is also included for accurate positioning.