Forestry Suppliers Lang Penetrometer

Penetrometer digunakna untuk mengukur sifat fisik tanah yang disebabkan karena adanya tahanan penetrasi tanah. Tahanan penetrasi tanah dapat mengetahui kepadatan tanah dan nilai tahanan tanah. Pegukuran tanah dengan menggunakan penetrometer sangat mudah untuk memperoleh data tahanan tanah.



Measures soil compaction quickly, accurately, and conveniently.
Press probe into soil and read resistance to penetration expressed in pounds. Reads from 1 to 20 in unit increments and calibrates easily with adjustment at base of unit. Green Generation model features color-coded scale of recommended readings for the forest industry, agriculture, and turf managers and allows you to calculate soil compaction from 0 to 630.77 psi. Measures 18-3/4” long.