LAQUAtwin NO3-11 Nitrate Meter

Horiba LAQUAtwin NO3-11 Meter
The only pocket meter that directly measures nitrate ion and nitrate-nitrogen concentrations in 0.3ml sample (or 0.05ml sample with sampling sheet B). Unique sensor allows measurement of viscous liquids, solids, and even powder samples. No need for a beaker to calibrate your meter or measure a sample. Just place a few drops of the standard or sample onto the flat sensor. This procedure saves you time and prevents wasting your precious sample. Note: For soil sampling, the 30 ppm and 300 ppm calibration solutions are required. For crops, the 300 ppm and 5000 ppm calibration solutions are required.



Put the power of a laboratory right in your hands
• Waterproof*
• Automatic calibration function (selection of 1-point, 2-point calibration)
• Wide measuring range
• Flat sensor enables measurements of small sample volumes (0.3mL)
• Special setting modes
• temperature measurement, voltage measurement, compensation function etc
• Selectable analysis of NO3- or NO3- -N
• Selectable units (ppm, mg/L, kg/10a)