Lemari Asam PURIFUME DUCTLESS 1200 (PFD-1200) – CRYSTE

Ductless Fume Hood 1200 mm

  • Filter Selectable : For Acid treatment / NH3 treatment / Hybrid Type
  • Intuitive Analogue Manometer to check the air velocity in real time
  • Filter check device : Filter check cartridge (by color change)
  • Brand Cryste (Korea)



Ductless fume hood re-circulate air in laboratory by filtering particles anda gases to be generated during experiment.

Filtering type movable fume hood without requiring certain sace nor ducting system.
Hazardous gases anda particles generated during experiment area discharged to laboratory after filtered to maintain laboratory clean.

Filter check cartridge showing actual filter condition
It is easy to recornize filter condition according to degree of saturation and pollution of filter and convince safety before using the hood.

Robust anda durable materials
Transparent PMMA having resistance to weak acid/alkali is applied and also chemical/heat/moisture resistant phenolic laminate worktop is adopted as a standard.

Quiet to keep laboratory silent
Thanks to less noisy blower, it maintains laboratory environment quiet while airflow pattern is guaranteed.