Malaise Trap

Dimensions: L165 x W115 x H190 cm
Net Weight: 870 grams
Main Material: Knitted Mesh | Polyester
Mesh Size: 96 x 26 | 680 µm aperture

Harga: call/wa



Malaise traps are widely used in biodiversity surveys because they efficiently trap a wide range of flying insects. One of the main complaints about the Malaise trap, though, is its cost, especially compared to other trapping tools.

This economical Malaise trap is the result of quality sewing work. Its black Polyester no-see-um fabric (96 x 26 mesh/square inch) catches minute insects, including parasitic wasps. The interception area (center panel) of our Malaise trap is 165 by 110 cm (5.4 ft by 3.6 ft). If you place trays with killing agents underneath this interceptor, it also functions as a flight interception trap (FIT) or window trap, sampling specimens (i.e. some beetles) that drop or fly down after hitting an obstruction.

Each Townes-style Malaise trap comes equipped with one 500 ml collecting bottle. The catch is easily removed by unscrewing this collecting bottle from the connecting ring. Tent pegs, guy ropes, and support poles required for trap installation are NOT included in the package.