Mesin Garis Marka PowrLiner 850 (Line Striping Machine)



Mesin Marka Parkir PowrLiner 850 (Line Striping Machine) sangat efisien dan efektif untuk pengerjaan pembuatan marka parkir atau liner di gudang dll. Brand Wagner. Made in Australia.


  • 1.6 HP
  • 37.7cc
  • 0.33 GPM
  • 3000 PSI
  • .021″ Max Tip Size
  • Simple, compact design weighs only 70 lbs – easy to use, transport and store
  • Powered by a powerful, dependable, easy-starting 126cc Subaru OHC Engine
  • Equipped with LX-40 spray gun and 1908 SC-6 Reversible Striping Tip
  • Includes ¼” ID x 50″ anti-static spray hose
  • Designed to carry 5-gallon pail of paint
  • Adjustable front tire can be locked into any angle
  • Reversable Airless Tip
  • Full Stencilling capabilities
  • Full Spraying Capabilities
  • Pressure control adjuster