Turf-Tec Infiltrometer



You can use the percolation rate of your turf to adjust irrigation rates to save water and minimize runoff. To use, simply set timer for 15 minutes and insert double ring cutting blades into ground about 2” until depth limiting ring is against surface. Fill both rings with clean water and start timer. Fifteen minutes later, when timer beeps, the position of the pointer on the scale gives you water infiltration rate for 15 minutes in inches or millimeters. Multiply amount registered by four to determine infiltration rate for one hour. Features include sturdy, welded construction, double ring cylinder for accuracy, case hardened cutter blades, saturn depth limiting ring, countdown timer with beeping alarm, quick on/off switch, water level scale in inches and millimeters, and easy to read pointer. Measures 33”H x 17”W x 7”D.

Original Made in USA