Water Level Meter Solinst Model 101 P2 Model

Accurate, reliable and easy-to-use.These top-of-the line water level meters provide features you’ve been asking for: a 3/8”W polyethylene tape line with black graduations permanently embossed; seven stranded stainless steel conductors in the tape line; light and audible buzzer which sounds when contact is made with water; external sensitivitiy control for varying water conductivity; and a sturdy, stand-alone reel with on/off switch, brake and carry handle (carrying cases are sold separately below).



The Model 101 is available in either English or Metric with a 0.55” O.D. P2 stainless steel probe. The P2 probe is designed for momentarily going underwater and is repairable. Powered by 9 volt battery which is located in an easy access drawer in the reel.