Tensiometer “Quick-Draw” Soil Moisture Probe Model 2900F, 18”

Reaction time in sandy loam is 3-5 minutes, in heavy clay 12-15 minutes. Large 2” diameter dial gauge reads directly in centibars of soil suction, the basic measurement used by soil scientists. Probe readings are unaffected by differing soil types, soil temperatures or salinity conditions.



Probe indicates moisture conditions in relationship to plant growth and is invaluable as a teaching aid to show basic forces involved in soil moisture movement. Requires no adjustments or calibration, no batteries to deteriorate or replace. As a water-filled tensiometer, it measures hydraulic force of soil water through the porous ceramic tip of instrument and can be easily maintained for years of continuous service. Comes complete in protective case with accessory coring tool, cleaning rod, and instructions. Length is measured from mid-portion of ceramic tip upward to a point approximately 2-1/2” below gauge.